DC Universe Rebirth

dcrebirthFinally I managed to get a first edition copy of DC Universe Rebirth. After reading some of the new number 1’s I was eagerly anticipating reading what led to all this. Now I previously talked about how Rebirth is DC’s mea culpa to alienating readers who loved the old universe before the Flashpoint event but this is really the start of something hopefully for the better.

After reading the issue and absorbing all the little details I cannot be more excited. I am perhaps a little overly optimistic but my fingers are crossed that things go back mostly to the DC I knew and loved. Now it’s not to say the New 52 was all bad, there were standout titles such as Swamp Thing and Animal Man; but after reading this issue and reading reviews online I cannot help to agree with the major point everyone seem’s to agree on. The New 52 missed love.

It seem’s silly saying it but what made DC great was the relationships between their heroes. There was a genuine friendship between them that was tangible. New 52 seemed to be heavily inspired by Christopher Nolan’s Batman trend of grit. Characters were more gritty, angst and with more attitude. For characters like Superman this didn’t rub off very well. Not to mention they threw out the history with Lois. Now while I am sure some people would accept changes between those two such as a divorce, a complete write off pissed a lot of people off.

They seem to have delivered though and kudos to the staff at DC for this epic start. We have Wally and Barry embrace after all these years, we have The Watchmen who are now merged with the DC Universe. It was hard to imagine but giving myself ample time to reflect on it I can see a lot of cool stuff coming out of this. Watchmen has been kind of a sacred cow so it will be interesting to see how it goes. It’s definitely a bold move.

It was also nice to see all the reference to the Justice Society, Titans and The Legionnaires. I wonder if we will eventually get series based on them. I am hoping for a JSA series myself.

In all honesty though, Rebirth is a great start. The art is solid and the writing is well done. You don’t ever feel like you missed anything so it’s definitely a good starting point for readers to get into the DC Universe. It will appeal to the newer fans as well as the older fans as characters from both iterations are featured. I am sure it will bring in even some more new readers as well since the hype train seems to be going full steam ahead. I am hoping that the following Rebirth titles continue this awesome vibe that is happening.

In all I cannot recommend this title enough. We will have to wait and see if this is indeed the universe we are all hoping for but for me at least I feel like I got our heroes back.

Looking Back: 1992’s DC Cosmic Cards


When I was a wee lad, I started slowly collecting comics but first I was into card collecting. Mostly I had sports cards but I remember getting a
hold of these DC Cosmic Cards in the great 1992. I recently cleared out a lot of cards that I collected because they were of no value and not what I was into anymore. Sports? What’s that?

Looking back on DC Cosmic Cards I remembered the appeal of them. You have heroes and villain all there. You had pictures of major events with little bio’s behind the cards. You also had trivia questions included which was pretty cool so you could see who had their comic street cred. The art is hit and miss. Obviously they didn’t have the production values of today but for it’s time was ok.


I really learned a lot about the personalities of the DC Universe through this and also appreciated the vintage look of our favorite heroes. It really opened up a door and I wish that these types of cards were more accessible to people. It’s fun to collect, entices people to pick up comics and teaches about the history of the industry at the same time. I don’t think you can go wrong with that.

Update: If you want to look at all the cards with both sides displayed, The Trading Card Database has them all there for your viewing pleasure.

The Things We Dig Up

I have been going through all my comic books lately to see what I have. I have two collections really. One is when I was a teenager – adult and all is bagged, boarded and in great shape. Then there is when I was really young where taking care of a comic was a bit secondary to it’s enjoyment and the thought of collect collecting vs the sake of value was not really there.

I managed to find two little gems. First is Ninja Turtles # 1 which is still in great shape surprisingly and the other is Star Lord # 1. Yes that Star Lord and from the 70’s. The rear cover has a tear in it, not huge but it’s still a tear. Apparently this thing is also worth quite. I am go pick up some bags and board so I can protect these comics along with others I found. Might send Star Lord to get a proper evaluation. Even if it was worth half of what these auctions go for I’m still a happy camper considering this was free back in the day. I also found some other vintage stuff which I will talk about later.


Steve Rogers Captain America 1


While I was trying to get a hold of DC Universe Rebirth I came across the now famous Steve Rogers Captain America 1. If you don’t want to know any spoilers then feel free to just not read further but to be very honest just about everyone knows this now. This is also why I couldn’t help but purchase the comic.

Captain America is a Hydra double agent. Yes, you read that right. It was a WTF moment of epic proportions. As your reading the book you get flash backs of Steve’s past and you can kind of see something coming but we are also introduced to the status quo of where Steve stands with Sharon, Shield and his partners.

Now while the reveal is a bit of a shock you also have an idea that something may be at play in all this and that is the cosmic cube and that is also what I am worried about. We all know Captain America will be back to norm eventually however I feel that we are getting the reveal almost immediately.

The idea of Cap being a traitor is awesome. Someone playing the boy scout for so long and wondering know what could have his side motivations been. What could he have been involved with when not putting up the charade. The potential is great for exploring this further and I hope the prolong this as much as they can.

Also you will notice Cap sporting a retro futuristic shield. It’s cool in how it’s inspired from the past but not sure about the laser cutter on it. I suppose it works but it’s odd that he would opt for that feature but it’s still cool none the less.

Steve Rogers Captain America is a great start to a new series that is excellently written. Captain America has always been a standard to great story telling and this reveal aside it still is. It has heart and wears it on it’s sleeve and gives us both action with some tender personal moments. I know I will be continuing getting involved in this series and looking forward to where this will go but as I mentioned, with a reveal like this they need to commit.

Update: DC Comics Rebirth is Here

For all you DC Comics fans you probably all know about the first issue of Rebirth being out in stores right now. This is the big shake up which brings huge changes to the universe. For one, the universe is completely changed and I think for the better.

New 52 cleaned the slate for the DC universe which divided the community in a horrible way. While no strangers to shake up’s in the universe, fans had a history with their favorite heroes but suddenly none of that existed. It was a bitter pill to swallow but would have maybe passed if they didn’t half ass the attempt. DC tried to imply some stories happened, some histories never changed but key elements were missing. It sounds confusing just explaining that and the readers thought the same as well.

Rebirth however brings a lot of our classic heroes back. A Superman who is with Lois and has a child, a Bat family that is back to status, Wally West who is a beloved flash is returned and much more. While we don’t know the whole landscape yet, it seems to be a sort of mia culpa to the mess that was caused.

Heroes seem to also be as silly as this may sound, heroic. The New 52 came off as being very emo in the way it was written. It was dark and gritty which missed what a lot of these characters were supposed to be about. Often it seemed that these heroes weren’t being good because it was the right thing to do, it was more ‘just because’.

All that aside though we got a glimpse of the big bad that caused these universe changes to begin with…Dr Manhattan. Yes, that Dr Manhattan!!! It’s weird and not sure how it all works yet but it has potential. I am rather mixed on this though as Watchmen to me was separate in it’s own grim universe. Merging them into the DC Universe seem’s a very odd choice that I hope they can pull off. It’s a gamble but I am wanting to see where this goes.

Rebirth seem’s to have a little bit for everyone and they are trying hard to erase the divide that was caused a few years ago. Only time will tell if things pan out but I know I will be happy to be grabbing up the latest issues.

UPDATE 05/28/16
I decided that I was going to jump into Rebirth and see it for myself and guess what? Apparently everyone did too. Seem’s that Rebirth is sold out everywhere. I tried two comic book stores and was told the same story however a second printing is coming so I just need to be slightly patient. I am considering ebaying it with a variant cover. If I am going to dish out $30 might as well get something unique though there are some variants that are selling for INSANE prices. Seem’s DC got things right thus far. I also have my friend at work who is a huge comic book buff that I have on the hunt for a local copy so either way I will get one but boy I am excited.

Captain America’s Big Surprise

Apparently this is a pretty news worthy item as it’s been featured everywhere, even CNN. The new Steve Rogers: Captain America issue revealed that Steve is a Hydra agent which would mean that all these years while he was a symbol for freedom that it really was all a sham. Obviously I don’t see this lasting long however I do admit this is intriguing and will be interesting to see where this goes.

John Carpenter Returns to Halloween

In a bit of exciting news, the master of horror himself, John Carpenter is returning to the Halloween franchise to reboot the series. He will be taking on the role of executive producer.

As you may know, John Carpenter is the one who created the Halloween series. The new movie has been in limbo since the second Rob Zombie Halloween movie. Would it be a continuation of that new mythos or a return to one of the previous mythologies. Who is to say but to be honest I wouldn’t mind if they were to forget all the movies after Carpenter originally left the franchise and continued from there. I also wouldn’t mind a new direction. I am just happy Halloween is returning.

John Carpenter Returns to Halloween via Halloweenmovies.com